In my paintings, I’m aiming for a lively impression of my subject, trying to say more with less, as opposed to achieving photographic realism (I have a camera for that).

Describing a scene using a loose, watercolour technique is not easy, but I always try to leave a little to the viewer’s imagination. Allowing the viewer to fill in some of the blanks is my aim, as it then becomes a joint experience rather than just an observation.

I try to get the most from the transparent qualities of the watercolour medium by building up the painting in just a few washes. In my view, design and sound drawing are the foundations of a good painting. Some time is spent on thinking about the end result, and planning my next move, before putting brush to paper as, unlike with oils, once you’ve made some decisive marks it is not easy to make drastic alterations.

Whether I’m painting a landscape, a seascape, an animal subject or a still life, my philosophy is the same: a good design, a sound drawing and a confident approach. Hopefully, when all these things work together, some magic will happen.